Quality assurance

Perfect quality, at last

Our main focus is on delivering the quality level you need.
One Hour Translation is the only agency that is able to deliver
consistent 100% perfect quality where needed.

A Better Translation Experience


Professional Translators

It all starts with recruiting professional translators only.

OHT translators are screened and checked manually before beginning to translate.

OHT monitors each and every project.

Real Time Reviews

OHT has a unique, patented, Real Time Review system.

Translations are examined in real-time by several reviewers to detect potential issues.

Additional Proofreading

You may purchase additional proofreading: two pairs of eyes are better than one.

Recommended for printed material, websites, applications and marketing content.

The Project Quality Process

At OHT every enterprise translation project is examined
by several professionals before being sent to the customer.

MyTeam translators screening

Account managers pre-select translators for your company projects. Screening includes: tests, pilot projects, interviews and more.

Smart project allocation

OHT project allocation system decides who are the best translators for each project.

Automatic monitoring & control

All projects are monitored automatically, we check various parameters to guarantee quality and adherence to standards.

Communicate with your translators directly

At OHT, you see who your translators are and can communicate with them freely over the project pages. We believe that open communication with your translators improves the overall quality of the translation.

5 layers real-time parallel review

Each translation is checked in real time using five (5) Real-time Reviewers who check each sentence in parallel. This patented technology is unique to OHT.

Error correction and final approval by an editor

The editor corrects the errors found, re-checks the translation and signs it off.

Send to customer

Account managers examine the final result, and verify that all customer requirements were fulfilled.