Unmatched reliability
and speed, in 75 languages

Over 17,000 certified, top-rated native speakers work to deliver business-grade translations that meet your specific goals.

Unique features

7 Real-Time Reviewers

The new Quality Control System relies on a proprietary technology developed by One Hour Translation and sets a new quality level, compared to the current industry standard which includes two real time reviewers only - a translators and an editor.

API access

translate your content dynamically

OHT’s Translation API provides a direct interface to professional translation services in real-time. Scaling with your business, the API integrates seamlessly into your CMS and automatically translates as you post new material to your site, without any further investment or training.

Give your users a branded portal to submit their translation projects

Let your users log into your own branded project portal, submit assignments and communicate directly with the translators working on their projects. Allocate budget between the different departments and control their spent.


Like having your in-house translators team

MyTeam is a dedicated team of translators we allocate for your account. You have direct contact with your team, and they know your requirements, materials etc., thus providing consistency and quality over time. Work directly with top-rated, experienced translators.

No middlemen, no hassle, just one-on-one partnerships.

Integrate OHT to your current workflow

OHT’s 3rd party integrations enable you to automate translation workflow within your current content management system (CMS). Send your website content to translation directly from your CMS interface, without any further investment or training on your side. Our integrations list include Drupal, Wordpress, Shopify, Weebly, HubSpot, Squarespace.

Trusted by businesses worldwide

Account Manager

Dedicated account manager, available directly at any time to assist with your projects. Your account manager will help you choose the right translation solutions to meet your business goals at your deadline.

24/7 support via phone, chat and e-mail

We're standing by 24/7 to ensure your translation project is operating quickly and efficiently. Our expert team can provide the support you need to achieve yourtranslation goals.

Glossary Management

We understand that consistency and accuracy are essential to the quality of the translation. A glossary eliminates uncertainty in the translation process, enforces consistency and saves time.

Proofreading Services

OHT’s professional proofreaders utilize years of language experience to ensure your copy is without error. Sleep well at night knowing we’ve checked and double-checked your text to ensure it’s perfect.

Translation MemoryTM

OHT’s Translation Memory Technology reuses previously translated common phrases and sentences stored on a database in the cloud, saving you time and money. Our Translation Memory Technology allows us to work faster and smarter for your translation projects, freeing up time to focus on the more challenging language. Our platform even provides the option for real-time TM-based quotes.

Multilingual DTP services

We will modify the layout, style and design so that it is adapted for foreign markets. Imagine converting an English brochure into Japanese characters, Arabic where text reads right-to-left, or even German where text is approximately 20% longer.

Transcription services

OHT provides a community of over 17,000 human transcription specialists, ready to meet your needs. Whether you need a meeting, presentation, or recording transcribed, OHT’s cloud-based transcription service enables you to easily upload a file to our secure server for fast and reliable service.